Diamond Shiba

Making money is good, but making money together is even better. Monthly 5 BNB worth of lucky draw for diamond hands.

Total Supply : 7650000000000 DSB

Contract Address: 0xda3dd0c6333887a03351409e03f4abd4c5d04d61

Name: Diamond Shiba

Symbol: DSB

Decimals: 10

(Open this site in your Wallet Browser.)


(Please connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

Airdrop per person = 5100000 DSB



(Please connect to Binance Smart Chain first.)

1 BNB = 8991000000 DSB

Airdrop & Pre-Sale Ends in

Total Supply: 7650000000000 (100%)


Follow us before claiming Airdrop


Q3 2021

-AirDrop & Buying
-Community Marketing Fund
-Influencers Marketing Partnerships
-CoinGecko & CoinMarketCap Listing

Q3 2021
DirectReward System

Introducing for the first time DirectReward System for HODLERS, 5 BNB prize will be given per month to 5 lucky holders. You don’t need to do anything except hold.

Q4 2021

Listing on exchanges i.e – Coinbase, Binance, Kraken, Hotbit, FTX etc.